Schleifringkörper 24–pol. (Capsule slip ring 24 ways High-speed-Version)

Description of machine portals for „Decor - grinding“

Portal plants about "Decor - grinding" is working in connecting with a CNC - Control to grinding different patterns or pictures on sheets in stainless steel or aluminum.

The grinded sheets are used in building industries, lobbies and others.

The gantry is a welded steel construction with linear guiding systems in transverse - and longitudinal directions. Drives via rack - and pinion - system. Grinding equipments according custumers specifications.

In ordinary, the designs will be grinded with the grinding - units, wich are endless rotated on the transverse beam on the gantry. Optical effects can be reached by the choises of brushes or shapings. Speeds and contact pressure are preselectable via CNC.

Workpiece tables are in vacuum - construction or in mechanicel clamping design. Dusts will be exhaust via a cover and tubes in a exhaust absorber.
Attention: Exhausting of aluminum dusts !

Technical dates: general; according » principle drawing 20.005.0072-2
Working aereas : Transverse: up to 12 m, Longitudinal up to 28 m
Material thickness : from 0,8 mm
Working speed : up to 25 m-1 ( for positioning )
Tool equipment : According customers specifications

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